Daniel Bodden

Student Journalist

St. Charles, MO

Daniel Bodden

I'm a junior at Francis Howell North High School. I have been a part of the journalism program for three years and I am currently the managing editor of our North Star newspaper.


Summer Concerts

This is a page I designed on the artists coming to St. Louis during summer 2014.
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The Netflix Epidemic

The popular movie and TV streaming service grips the nation in a disease-like addiction
North Star

Webcam Masters

Teachers devise creative ways to make the best of FHSD’s new camera-based grading system, Mastery Connect.
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January 2013 Design - Opinions Spread

My design of the page 42-43 spread of the January 2012 North Star.
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November 2012 Design - Features Page

My design of page 18 of the November 2012 North Star.
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Daniel Bodden

As part of FHN's journalism program, I have written stories for every issue of the North Star, designed pages and spreads, done copy editing for sections each month, and run the Twitter account @FHNtoday. I've had experience with various types of writing including news, feature, and narrative and I have interviewed everyone from students to state representatives to a zombie expert.



  • Social Media
  • Writing
  • DSLR Photography
  • Copy Editing
  • Editor