Daniel Bodden

Student Journalist

St. Charles, MO

Daniel Bodden

I'm a junior at Francis Howell North High School. I have been a part of the journalism program for three years and I am currently the managing editor of our North Star newspaper.


Summer Concerts

This is a page I designed on the artists coming to St. Louis during summer 2014.
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Finding a Way Out

Justin can’t remember where he thought he was going the day he was dropped off at Bridgeway, but that isn’t where he ended up. His first visit, one of many to Bridgeway Behavioral Health Center, was a surprise. “My parents just dropped me off there one day,” FHN graduate Justin Tainter said. “I didn’t think anything was up until I got there.
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The Final Stop

Carey Ingram wakes up around 4 a.m. every morning to get ready. At 5 a.m., a time when most FHN students are still sound asleep, he grabs breakfast. He then heads to his bus stop about one-third of a mile away. The walk is quiet and lonely since Carey is the only student at this stop, and the cool, dark air gives a chill to the morning.
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The Netflix Epidemic

The popular movie and TV streaming service grips the nation in a disease-like addiction
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Stumbling Past Sandy Hook

Students and staff showed up to Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14, 2012, just like any other morning. What was supposed to be a normal day of school turned into the second-deadliest school shooting in the nation. Shots were fired. Twenty-six victims passed away. Families were forced to face the worst day of their lives.
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Weinstock Runs the St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon

This is a multimedia package I did on a running competing in his first half marathon. It includes a soundslide and narrative story. Link to Story

A Nightmare Comes to Life

With the end of the world supposedly near, some apocalyptic ideas have been spreading and causing all kinds of reactions. Zombies are often grouped with these “seemingly crazy” ideas, but some people are wondering if zombies may be more realistic than people think. Matt Mogk, the author of “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies” and head of the Zombie Research Society based in Los Angeles, and other organizations are looking into whether or not zombies are something to worry about.
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Webcam Masters

Teachers devise creative ways to make the best of FHSD’s new camera-based grading system, Mastery Connect.
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No One “Like”s You

Facebook. Parents have flocked to it and continued their embarrassing tradition of creepily commenting on everyone’s photos. People keep inviting each other to endless time-wasting games and spam all their friends with events. And businesses have finally mustered up enough courage to join the network.
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The Garden of Elder

Sara Elder and her father walk out of their house into their backyard on a chilly October afternoon, scissors and pliers in hand. Birds are chirping and eating. from their feeders. The sun is shining down brightly all around. Don’t be fooled: winter is coming. They turn to the right and head for the bog, a pond-like water feature in their yard.
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Saving the World for the Next Generation

Cheryl Bayes walks into the Youth in Need St. Charles location just past 8:15 a.m. As she walks through the door, the greetings begin. ‘Hi Miss Cheryl’ echoes through the room as more kids see who’s just entered and join in. Some come running over. Some of the young boys want high fives. Some of the kids give hugs.
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Daniel Bodden

As part of FHN's journalism program, I have written stories for every issue of the North Star, designed pages and spreads, done copy editing for sections each month, and run the Twitter account @FHNtoday. I've had experience with various types of writing including news, feature, and narrative and I have interviewed everyone from students to state representatives to a zombie expert.



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